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RAINTAP Roofwater Filters

Raintap is simple, scientific and sensible rooftop rainwater harvesting filter which is compact, user friendly and requires negligible maintenance. These are flexible, truly modular and scalable for any size of roof. The filter element is of SS 304 having mesh size of 130 micron, has long performance life. The element can be washed by anybody in case if it is clogged. There is unique safety feature built to notify clogging of element to avoid stagnation of water on roof.  Unique back wash cap is given on the bottom of filter element to remove dried particles from filter.  There are more than 25000 units installed across India and abroad.

Advantages :

  • Simple and Scientific design
  • No electricity required
  • No Maintenance required; Cleaning is simple
  • Impurities are removed by opening flush valve
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Fully enclosed
  • Safety valves
  • wall mounted & online system
  • 360 Degree flexible ‘T’ for ease of installation
  • SS 304 Filter Element
  • Filtration up to 130 microns
  • Consistent even in variation of rainfall intensity
  • No water loss

 Features :

  • SS 304 Filter Element of 500 mm height
  • 130 Micron filtration
  • Gravity operation
  • No Maintenance
  • No Water loss
  • No Electricity
  • No Consumables
  • No worry; fit it forget it


Installation Snaps :




Applications :




Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting :


  • Gives fresh drinking water for all
  • Maintains Ecological balance
  • Raises Ground water level
  • Augments the fresh water storage
  • Arrests Saline water intrusion in Fresh water
  • Improves ground water quality phenomenally
  • Gives Food security through sustainable irrigation
  • Minimizes water pollutions
  • Reduces health risks and hazards
  • Averts disasters
  • Brings down Water Footprint
  • Zero hardness; avoids treatment and wastage
  • Helps grow green cover
  • Balances entire Eco System and life cycle
  • Reduces Soil Erosion
  • Recharged rain water increases productivity of aquifer
  • Rejuvenates other sources of water
  • Dilutes impurities from ground water
  • Frees rural households from hard physical work to collect water daily
  • Gives us Healthy and Happy life