Vardhman’s Injection Recharge Well Technology; Inspired by our rich heritage to solve water crisis of our Planet in most modern context.

VIRW inspired by rich heritage

Water logging is a nuisance in any premise.  This is not only causing havoc but also results in loss of precious water.  Looking at the space availability and recharge requirements in Industrial facility, we have designed unique “Non Clogging V Wire Technology for Surface water filtration”. Our patent forwarded design is proven for its performance in various terrains across India. This design is primarily aimed at locations with higher surface volume and flow. It is flexible enough to fit even on roadside, back yard or garden to capture, filter and recharge surface runoff

Working Principle of Injection Recharge well

video of Successful Project of Injection Recharge Well



rich heritage




Vardhman's Dual V wire surface filter system 1









Our technology is ideal to suit various geographical conditions. I.e. Injection Well Technology for rainwater flowing from lose surfaces in a village. Vardhman’s Surface water filtration for rainwater flowing from paved surface / through storm line in Industry or Institutions.  Our systems will retain, filter and divert rain water in Mother Earth to further augment ground water level.  Our systems are modular, flexible and quick to install ideal various geographical conditions.






Let’s be a water positive !