Injection Recharge well project in Rajasthan

We are pleased to announce successful execution of Vardhman’s Injection Recharge well project in the state of Rajasthan.  Surface Runoff and Roof Runoff is channelized in Rainwater Storage Tank and the overflow of the Rain tank is connected through Non Clogging Wedge wire Filter System to the Injection Recharge Well.  Rainwater after due filtration from wedge wire filter passes through Five layer of filter media i.e. 40 mm graded Gravels, 10 mm Pebbles, Activated Carbon, Charcoal and Coarse Sand.  After this the Filtered Rainwater then creates a defined water column inside the Injection Well.  This retained water then passes through another Wedge wire Filter System placed vertically through the casing pipe in the the shallow zone of Aquifer.   This helps the habitat to complete the cycle of Rainwater Reuse and Recharge.  Happy to help. Vardhman Envirotech; India’s passionate Rainwater Company.